KELLIE bookcoverbydesigntwitter: @bookcoversbyme Based in RayleighEssex, England I try and answer all emails and message with 72 hours.                FAQ  Q1. What size do the covers come in?A1. E-book Covers: 1800px x 2700px if you are using nook let me know as they use a smaller size. Q2. What formats are the file sent in?A2. JPEG, PNG and the printable covers also come in PDF Q3. How Many E-Book and Printable Book can I produce?A2. As I use stock sites for my images they do have license that say that you can have 250.000 printable images and 250.000 E-Book on their standard license. If you are going to produce more that this then you can buy the Enhanced License at an extra cost. Q4. Is there anything I can't do with my book cover?A4.  You can advertise your cover anywhere, post them on blogs, website, social media sites and adverts.You may not change the cover in any way without contacting me first. You may not Claim the design as your own. All Book Cover Designs must be credit. You may not sell the design to anyone.You are held responsible to adhering to license terms, so please read through every license of every stock site that your images come from to prevent any legal action against you for misuse. Q5. Will my design be resold or can other use the same images?A5. No once you have bought a cover design that is yours.Yes images can be used by other authors  as they are from stock site so anyone can buy these images and use them as they wish, I always try and do something different with the images, so they look different from the raw stock image.The only way to have a cover with an image that no one else will have is to have a custom photo shoot done and buy the rights to the images this and cost anything from $250 - $1200 If this is the route you wish to take then have a look at my photographers page. Q6. Can I make changes to my cover once the design has been finished?A6. Yes but there will be an extra cost, if it's just add or removing text the cost is $15.00 If the change is more to the design i would tell you the cost before starting the work. Q7. How do I credit the book cover design and leave feedback?Please put something like this within the first few pages of your book.Cover Art by Kellie Dennis at Book Cover By Design you wish to write anything else about my service please feel free to. Feedback can be left on my Facebook Page Q8. Can I use a photo that I have for my book cover?A8. Yes, but you must have permission to use the photo and have a model release, and it needs to be high resolution for printable covers. Q9. Can I use the same cover design more than once?A9. Yes if the cover is for a series you can use the cover and add book numbers and/or change titles there is an extra cost of $15.00 per redesign. Q10. Do I have to pay for the stock image?A10. Only if you are using images that I don't have accounts for. Please ask before you buy any image as sometime I can get the image on the sites I use. Q11. I have seen a cover I want but don't have a working title yet?A11. That's OK, buy the cover you like and let me know when you do have the title. Q12. I don't know what size my printable book cover is going to be?A12. That's OK. The printable cover is the last thing you would do anyway as you need to know how many pages your book has to get the spine the right size. Check out for more info on printable covers. Q13. How do I make Payments?A13. All Payment go though PayPal. If you order a commissioned cover I will email you an invoice. Q14. I bought a cover a few months ago, can I get matching extras?A14. Yes, I save all my designs, so you can order any of the matching extras you want.  Q15. I have lost my cover file's can I get a copy of them?A15. Yes just send me an email